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Why Choose Us?

One-2-One Tuition
World leading course
Direct access to a live studio
No classrooms, just you!
Intensive and comprehensive

All other courses are classroom based multi-student training.

Our unique course, designed by an world acclaimed Tattooist consists of 8 modules and over 50 practical work-shops over a two week period where you'll have full unfetted access to a Tattoo Master with full on 1-1 tuition, 5 days a week, 7 hours a day and for 2 weeks!

You'll have access to a "live" tattoo studio and our Tattoo Professors all have a minimum of 20 years experience whom impart their knowledge to you.

We'll deliver you passion, experience, excellence and a new career.

Our team

Multi-award winning tattooist

Peter "The Uncle" Haughton

Academy Director

Pete (The Uncle) has been tattooing for the past 25 years. and has won numerous Winner Awards at Tattoo conventions throughout the world.

Now based in Milton Keynes he owns and runs a multi-award winning Tattoo Studio.

Pete is an expert with all styles of Tattoo and specialises in black'n'shade.